We have provided smooth and renewable feeding systems, underwater and surface monitoring systems, remote control systems and farming management software etc. for harsh weather conditions that fulfill the major needs of aquaculture industry.


We have close working relationship with our customer. This enables us to develop the best and most reliable solutions in the market place today. Today, we deliver our products worldwide.


Our goal is to give fish farmers the equipment that gives them complete control over their entire feeding based operation process and the ability to monitor everything that affects feed intake and fish behavior.


Steinsvik's area of expertise;


  • Camera monitoring, remote control and security of the cages and plants
  • Central Feeding Solutions for fish farm and hatchery
  • Full control of environmental conditions, fish and feed intake


Steinsvik has begun to serve with Nesne Electronics in East Mediterranean after a cooperation agreement for sales & service in 2011.


The promotional activities by Nesne Electronics have in a short time resulted in that the industry leading companies in Turkey have chosen Steinsvik solutions.